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Little Monster bitmap and vector color font

Bitmap OpenType-SVG font – "Little monster" with Latin and Cyrillic letters! Children drawings inspired me to create this font. "Little monster" font contains Latin letter and Cyrillic letter set, numerals and punctuation. This font work nicely for all sorts of things including t-shirt design, typographic art, social media images and so much more!

"Little monster" zip. folder include:

  • Little monster (Eng) Multicolor OTF font (you can type multicolor text only uppercase)
  • Little monster (Ru) Multicolor OTF font (you can type multicolor text only uppercase)
  • PSD, files with all Сharacters, Numerals & Punctuation
  • Little monster OTF font classic version
  • +bonus 6 little monsters and 8 elements (PSD)
  • 4 seamless patterns

Technical details:

Multicolor OTF version of this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color fonts, like Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 and above or Illustrator CC 2018 so may show up differently in the font tester. Learn more about color fonts & their support in third-party apps on Little monster is made using Fontself software, A color font file is generally larger than a regular font file, and a lot more when the font embeds high-resolution bitmap characters. Color bitmap fonts may range from a few megabytes to tens of megabytes, and sizes increase when multiple color font formats are embedded in a single file.

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Font features: Standard characters A-Z, 0-9, and punctuation for the Latin Basic and Western European set, Cyrillic А-Я set, additional letters for the Ukrainian language.