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European Shopping Agency is focused on shopping abroad.

Olga Erofeeva is an honored artist of Ukraine. She's an author of numerous monumental and artistic works.

“Kharkiv is a city of Constructivism”. The style peculiarity are chastity, geometrism, forms simplicity, and overall monolithic character.

Az Studio is a place that develops creativity with simultaneous learning of the composition basics. Taste and art thinking development. Acquaintance with world art history.

Image Consulting Group is a unique project which serves people, their aims and their prosperity, educates them, provides people with tools to prosper and design their life space.

Ukraine's second International enamel festival is a significant event in the cultural life of Kiev.

‘Peremoha’ metro station was opened in Kharkiv in 2016. 2IN1 DESIGN Studio  developed the station name design. This isn't the first station name that our studio has designed.

Lettering is a unique drawing of a word or a word combination, sometimes phrases, which makes a unified composition and serves a certain situation.

Sky notebook - the first notebook that promotes art and acquaints people with classical paintings. Sky notebook – a notebook for art lovers. Have a piece of the masterpiece.

The operation conception of the shop is simple:

Tetris again  - is modular furniture developed by young ambitious designer Victor Puzur, will always find a place in our interior due to its combinatority and ecology.

‘Kavatut’-like coffee shops are designed for passers-by in a hurry who don`t want to drink coffee sitting in cafes.

‘Art August’ creative group was established by professional like-minded artists including