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EXO 1000 Smart Home Controller
When we are designing a product, we’re doing our best to have the most holistic approach as possible. This is why we see the packaging design as an important task as well.

A huge problem in packaging design nowadays is excessive use of plastic. Most manufacturers are making the outside box in cardboard, but inside they are putting a horrible plastic tray, which is tossed by the end customer as soon as they open a new purchase. The reason – this is cheap. However, despite the short-term benefit, this approach leads to environmental degradation. This is why we offered our customer an alternative – to use the recycled cardboard as the packaging insert. They supported this idea and we made the completely biodegradable packaging for our smart home products.
Smart hubs we were making the packaging for in size differ only in their thickness. In the packaging design, we kept this proportion. This is not only looking nice but also is convenient for transportation.
In the graphic design, we decided to use the side view because from this angle we can easily see the difference between the hubs. Wires and plug take a lot of space in packaging, this is why you can’t see the product scale just looking at the packaging itself. We used real scale pictures to highlight how small the product is, which is one of its benefits.

The graphic design composition illustrates the connectivity of the products in a smart home system, where the smart hub plays the role of a center and brain.

Designing a packaging, we took into consideration how the customer would be opening it, to make the process maximum enjoyable. The inspiration was the packaging for the gift card. To give our customers the feeling of excitement, like they are opening a gift box.
Textured white cardboard goes well with the inner recycled cardboard part. Also, it represents the hub design as clean, pure and minimalistic. All the wires are hidden in separate pockets not to interrupt the moment when the customer meets the hub.

Project team

Project manager: Benjamin Bilgehan Evren
Product design, pattern development: Anastasia Alforova, Alexander Suricoma Babich
Graphic designer: Alena Morgunova
Client: eZLO