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Down through the ages people have been trying to understand whether such subtle things as beauty and harmony comply with any mathematical laws. A man distinguishes objects around him based on their shapes. Interest to a shape of any object can be based on its vital necessity or it can be caused by beauty of the shape. A shape, which is a result of combining symmetry and the golden section, contributes to the best visual perception and a feeling of beauty and harmony.
The whole is always composed of parts. These parts having different dimensions exist in a certain relation to each other and to the whole. The golden section principle is the highest manifestation of the structural and functional perfection of the whole and its parts in design, art, science, technology and nature.

Impressions given by life of the objects based on the principles of the golden section underlie the design of the banners and aim at inspiring designers to create new shapes, objects and projects.

Soft and transparent watercolor sketches give lightness to the main site design. While the idea of symbiosis between art and science emphasizes the thematic focus of the site, which is design.

RED CLAY, INC, San Francisco, CA, United States

Year: 2015