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Olga Erofeeva is an honored artist of Ukraine. She's an author of numerous monumental and artistic works.

Her personal exhibition was called ‘Summertime’ - the name of a famous jazz song created by George Gershwin on the basis of Ukrainian lullaby. The song became especially popular when it was sang by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Summertime calls out warm memories of the audience.

Main characteristic of Olga Erofeeva`s composition is a movement. Movement of light and color, of lines and shades, of joy and fullness of life.

Summer still-lives, landscapes and swimmers - all this is associated with summer.

Design concept is in the development of line and spot, as well as in the combination of lines with artist`s paintings subject which can be either abstract and figurative. Summertime is associated with joyful bright red and orange colors which became a basis for the design.

Honored Artist of Ukraine, Olga Erofeeva, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Year: 2013
Awards: Design and design international award.