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‘Kavatut’-like coffee shops are designed for passers-by in a hurry who don`t want to drink coffee sitting in cafes.

This mobile coffee house is not much different from an ordinary one: a wide range of several dozens sorts of coffee, the drinks are made according to the classical reсipes, experienced barista. The only difference is that there`s no place to sit and drink your coffee. Mobile coffee shops are in demand. They are installed on central streets, in big shopping malls and on city markets. All these places have high publicity.

The design was chosen noticeable and bright correspondingly so that a passer-by in a hurry could notice such mobile coffee shop. The logo inserted inside the cloud-like shape sort of calls out:‘Stop, make a pause, have some good coffee!’

Client: Mobile coffeehouse, «KavaTut» trademark, Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2012
Awards: Favorite design award and Quadaward international design awards.