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Tetris again  - is modular furniture developed by young ambitious designer Victor Puzur, will always find a place in our interior due to its combinatority and ecology.

Strict object functionality is complemented by an emotional young graphic artist Alena Morgunova. And the object seems to emit interior mood. The functional object penetrates graphic, artistic understanding and allows the expression of subjective emotion. The customer can choose to print in its exclusive interior. Just one L-shaped module (one module Tetris - it is rather a tribute to tradition) makes it possible to make realization of more than a dozen ideas of its placement in the apartment or office.

Table “Snake”. Graphic and art penetrate to the functional object (made of plywood material) which was built on the "linear" form shaping. Strict minimalism with clear geometric shape is filled with soul through the spring graphics of Alena Morgunova. In this case, "Three Graces" take us away to the ancient Greece.

Victor Puzur Site:
Year: 2014