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Ukraine's second International enamel festival is a significant event in the cultural life of Kiev.

Following the footsteps of the first festival in 2009 it became a modern cradle and fertile soil for the further development of Ukrainian traditional craft - enamel art.

This is a second corporate identity commissioned for the Ukraine's International enamel festival by our studio. We have created the logo for the first festival.

Enamel art is an old kind of craft. Painting with metal oxide. Paint is put on the specially treated copper plates which then are composed into a decoration. This is one of the most lasting and durable techniques. The logo is based on an ancient image found on an old Slavic decoration created in a hot enamel technique.

The palette is associated with the baked copper plates and special cover shining that resembles gold.

Ukraine's International enamel festival, Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2009 - 2013
Awards: Design and design international award. Favorite design award. Quadaward international design awards