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‘Peremoha’ metro station was opened in Kharkiv in 2016. 2IN1 DESIGN Studio  developed the station name design. This isn't the first station name that our studio has designed.

In 2010 the Studio designed lettering for ‘Oleksiivska’ metro station.

The name of the ‘Peremoha’ station is mounted on tunnel walls. It is made of granite and enhanced with enamel details that symbolise a flower of victory and that is also an accent in the space set-up.

It was spring in the day of victory, winners were met with flowers. For this reason we added a symbolical image of flower with ethnic details to the lettering. The geometrical shapes of the flower resemble patterns of Ukrainian vyshyvanka. Color parts are executed in hot enamel technique and they correlate with panel in the station lobby. Our Studio also participated in creating and designing the panel in collaboration with honoured artists Igor Morgunov and Olga Erofeeva.

The module and color palette of the lettering harmonize with the station architecture. Geometrical rhythms of the composition are balanced creating logical finish of the ‘Peremoha’ metro station architectural peculiarities.

Modern architectural tasks demand architects and designers to gain maximum knowledge of materials and technologies, new ideas and new possibilities. Though such materials as marble, granite, and hot enamel on copper proved themselves as the ideal media withstanding run of time.

KharkivMetrostroi, Kharkov, Ukraine
Year: 2016